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Monday, November 23, 2009

•Main Tumhare Dil Me Aaj Bhi MOHABBAT Dhondta Hoon•

Toote howe khawabon mein haqiqat dhundta hoon.. .. ..
Tumhare dil mein mohabbat dhundta hoon.
Naadan hoon mein ab tak yeh bhi nahin samjha.. .. ..
Bejaan se mazar mein ibaadat dhundta hoon.

Mere jazbaaton ki keemat yahan kuch bhi nahin.. .. ..
Be-imaani ke baazaron mein sharafat dhundta hoon.

Is ajnabi dunia mein koi bhi apna nahin.. .. ..
Gairon ki aankhon mein apni surat dhundta hoon.

Umeed ki thi pyar ki "Tehzeeb" ne, bas yehi bhool thi meri.. .. ..
Girte hue ashkon mein apni hasrat dhundta hoon.

Mujhe aaj bhi yaad hai woh tumhare wade.. .. ..
Shayad laut aye tumhari yad-dasht woh ummed dhundta hoon.. .. ..
Pagal Hoon Na; Aaj Bhi Darwaze Ki Taraf Dekhta Hoon.. .. ..

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I Hate That I Don't Hate You

Now a days When We Wake UpIn The Morning Until We Reach To The Yawning?
We Read More About Terrorism, Racism, Communism and The Exclusive Hates &. Reminiscently; We Are Killed By Us? Unfortunately The Perpetrator And The rescuer Both of Them are ‘Human’ Why They are Dissimilar? As They are born like or gestated By All of us, Our failures? Please read some of my Insane Thoughts Below & Find Out Why it is Still
uneasy To HATE the one Who Hate me? Please Read my Mind:-

Dear “Enemy, My Brother, Dear Shadow, The Killer”
I hate that you Kill me
I hate that I Killed By you
I hate that your smile haunts
I hate that you die
I hate that I can't be angry
I hate that I'm upset
I hate that you wanted this
I hate that I didn’t teach you
I hate that I couldn't make you happy
I Hate that My Death Couldn’t make you Unhappy
I hate that you are Different
I hate that I don't hate you
I Hate That Being hated, Why Don’t I hate you?
I hate that your laugh is gone
I hate that when you dance when you exterminate
I hate your friends for not crying
I hate that I can't stop crying
I hate that life goes on, On & On
I hate that your not actually me*
I hate your choices
I hate the Peace that you love
I hate I feel that you’re Thee
I hate you're no longer comprehend
I hate the Jubilates you Mission
I hate the minds you taught with
I hate your dad for what he's done

Now those who hate, must hate me
Because of thou hate I hate thee,
the point i must make,
leaving myself without this weight
Is that I love to hate?
and all love hate when you hate what they hate.
So Why Don’t You Stop This Hate,
Look Mom is calling for Your Mate, Don’t hate Your Mate?
Serenity’s gates are open, calling your name, again,
I’ll be waiting when you come Home, Even If it’s Late? My Love Will Remain
Stop This Pain, Take your time to Dream & believe there is Still “A Way To The Moon”

I hate seeing you so unhappy
I hate so many things but the one
I hate the most
I hate that I Still Love You,
I hate I would die By you
I hate I'll never get over you
I hate this new you, But? Still
I hate myself for not hating you

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

"Victim of A Dream"

"Victim of a Dream"
As; The Past Is Over.
Time To Move On.

I saw a Dream; That Choked Me Down
56 Pills Now. Two A Day For How Long?

Cause; Once I dreamt,
Of loving & living A lovely life
A house For My Nation’s lost children And Rebuffed Wives.
Some Starts for My Parents & India's poverty To Dry.
Am I Too Late? This Sadness; I Feel Is Overwhelming,
My Soul Has Lost Its Guide, My Heart Trying To Go On Beating,
Though it’s Been Torn from Deep Inside,
To Realize It’s Finally Over,
Though I Tried So Many Times,
It’s Hard To Grasp; My Ardor Has Gone,

When; Children Bring Their Broken Toys,
With Tears To Us To Mend?
I brought My Broken Dreams To God,
Cause He Was My Only Friend,
I Lost My Way, Lost It That Way?
Lost Myself, Lost Themselves? Do I Need to requite?
But Then Instead of Leaving My Dreams To Thy?
In peace To Work Alone, I Hung Around & tried To Help,
With Ways That Were my Own?

I Was Hated At School, Hated At Work?
A Dream Was My Fault Or A Gestate To Stand On My Own?
Things Went Wrong, It Broke My heart,
I Became So Bitter & Gave Up The Arm.
But How To cognizant My Mom & Dad; they must be waiting for the salutary News?

They Said; I Have No Purpose & No Goal, an Empty Dream Is All That’s Left,
One Life without a Soul, So Where Now Do We Go From Here?
Cause I Blocked My Dream, This fear is bigger Than That faith,
They Said; Everything Will be Okay, In The End,
If Ain't No Okay; Ain't No End?
They Said: Chasing Dreams Wasn’t My Mistake?
But I Must Knew The Road That Bring Me Back To My Home,
Thank God I am Home; But Remained A Doom; Should I Die?
Now My FRIENDS are Roaring from SKY; Rich Dad Products, On My Grim….
Its HARD To Forget The PAST; So FAST; It Was Nice; It Was bad But REAL & It’s Gone? Cause Tehzeeb Is A
"Victim of A Dream"

Friday, July 31, 2009

"Letter From An Aborted Baby"

Dear Mommy,
I am in Heaven now... I so wanted to be your little girl. I don't quite understand what has happened. I was so excited when I began realizing my existence. I was in a dark, yet comfortable place. I saw I had fingers and toes. I was pretty far along in my developing, yet not near ready to leave my surroundings. I spent most of my time thinking or sleeping. Even from my earliest days, I felt a special bonding between you and me.Sometimes I heard you crying and I cried with you. Sometimes you would yell or scream, then cry. I heard Daddy yelling back. I was sad, and hoped you would be better soon. I wondered why you cried so much. One day you cried almost all of the day. I hurt for you. I couldn't imagine why you were so unhappy.That same day, the most horrible thing happened. A very mean monster came into that warm, comfortable place I was in. I was so scared, I began screaming, but you never once tried to help me. Maybe you never heard me. The monster got closer and closer as I was screaming and screaming, "Mommy, Mommy, help me please; Mommy, help me." Complete terror is all I felt. I screamed and screamed until I thought I couldn't anymore. Then the monster started ripping my arms off. It hurt so bad; the pain I can never explain. It didn't stop.Oh, how I begged it to stop. I screamed in horror as it ripped my leg off.Though I was in such complete pain, I was dying. I knew I would never see your face or hear you say how much you love me. I wanted to make all your tears go away. I had so many plans to make you happy. Now I couldn't; all my dreams were shattered. Though I was in utter pain and horror, I felt the pain of my heart breaking, above all. I wanted more than anything to be your daughter. No use now, for I was dying a painful death. I could only imagine the terrible things that they had done to you. I wanted to tell you that I love you before I was gone, but I didn't know the words you could understand?
And soon, I no longer had the breath to say them; I was dead. I felt myself rising. I was being carried by a huge angel into a big beautiful place. I was still crying, but the physical pain was gone. The angel took me away to a wonderful place... Then I was happy. I asked the angel what was the thing was that killed me. He answered, "Abortion". I am sorry, for I know how it feels." I don't know what abortion is; I guess that's the name of the monster. I'm writing to say that I love you and to tell you how much I wanted to be your little girl. I tried very hard to live. I wanted to live. I had the will, but I couldn't; the monster was too powerful. It sucked my arms and legs off and finally got all of me. It was impossible to live. I just wanted you to know I tried to stay with you. I didn't want to die. Also, Mommy, please watch out for that abortion monster. Mommy, I love you and I would hate for you to go through the kind of pain I did. Please be careful.
Your Baby Girl.
(Avoid Sex Selection; Condemn It Socially, Religiously)

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Suno Ladki......?

Suno Ladki......?
Abhi Tum Ishq Mat Karna Abhi Gudiya Se Khelo Tum;
Tumhari Umar He Kya HaiFaqt Satra Baras Ki HoAbhi Masoom Bachchi Ho;
Nahin Maloom Abhi Tum KoK Jab Yeh Ishq Hota Hai;
To Insaan Kitna Rota Hai Sitaray Toot Jatay HainSaharay Chhoot Jatay Hain;
Abhi Tum Nay Nahin DekhaK Jab Saathi Bichartay Hai;
To Kitna Dard Milta HaiK Har Furqat K Mousam May Hazaron Gum Ubhartay Hai Hazaron Zakhm Khultay Hai Padhai Per Dhyan Do;
Kitaabon May Gulabon Ko Kabhi Bhoolay Say Mat Rakhna Kitabain Jab Bhi Kholo Gi Yeh Kanton Ki Tarha Dil May Chubhain Gay Khoon Bahayen Ge Tumhain Phir Satayen Ge;
Kisi Ko Khat Nahin Likhna Likhai Pakri Jati Hai Badi Ruswai Hoti Hai;
Kisi Ko Phone Mat Karna Sadayen Dil Dukhati Hai Woh Awazain Satati Hai;
Meri Nazmain Nahin Padhna Yeh Mehshar Utha Dein Gi Tumhain Pagal Bana Dein Gi;
Apni Taqdeer Say Tum Khul K Mat Ladna Abhi Gudiya Se Khelo Tum Abhi Tum Ishq Mat Karna...........


Last Night; I saw A Dream. Let's See it together....

Last Night I Saw A Dream, Might Be A Dream Within A Dream?
I dream of you, I dream of me;
I Heard Saying “The Train between Melbourne to Banglore; Arriving Shortly,
One man, one faith, one planet, Terra & Firma untimely…..

They said; Breath together the air; with all kings & diminutives,
plunk for the water in concert for thirsty flames?
Please be in a line to tie a knot of nuptials all the shades & disregarding color claims…..
I dream of you, I dream of me;

They Said;
Moonlit nights depict the light of jasmine; permeating the air with its sweet aroma towards little low & little high to all the mankind?
Be it Pacific Rim or Hemispherical grim let’s own one human connection Sim…
They said: Elections are knocking; Voter list is 7 billion;
Together all dwelling One moon, One Sun & One earth.

Then Mom yelled & Tehzeeb; woke up in the shared sky; found the dream is absent; Rubbed my eyes but it wasn’t present.
I dreamed of you, I dreamed of me;

"So if my closed eyes could bring the joy & Glory of One Earth together? Then I wish my eyes close foreve"

Saturday, June 27, 2009


I wish I could not see these colors,
There would be no divider between us;
Black n white would seem the same,
There would be no sight (opinion) to differentiate.

Even though you are hurt?

The pain seems to be mine,
Though YOUR eyes fill with tears,
My heart is the one that cries;
Even if our sight are different,
Don’t we breathe the same air,
The ashes blowing on your grave,
Aren’t they the same as mine?
I wish even if we were dead,
Our hearts would still be alive,
But the way we live today...
I wish we did not live so;
The people who are in love with looks?
Only see the face of it?

From the map of this superficial face,
They seem to form their sight;
With these treacherous thoughts,
I take the hot iron rails…….
I destroy my sight?
The Chauvinistic Eyes, The Bewildered Eyes;
I cool my eye…..


Love Everyone Irrespective of Their Color/Religion/Caste & Creed! Everyone deserves Love; A Love of Dignity; So Everyone Is Equal? Cause Everyone is People!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

“Oh; Mother My Dear Mother”

“Oh; Mother My Dear Mother”
Before I was myself you made me, me With love and patience,
discipline and tears, bit by bit stepped back to set me free,
Allowing me to sail upon my sea, relinquished your desires gradually for meto let me shape myself among my peers.

Oh; Mother My Dear Mother,
How dare I skip?
How your smiles brighten my moment, hug puts joy in all my days,

The values you've taught, care you've given, enriched my life,
in more ways I can count on.
Oh; Mother Dear Mother,
How dare I complain?
When you spent sleepless night to make me sleep,

The way you understands from the very deep,
laughed, cried along with me, taught to eat & drink, to walk and grip scolds me for my good? Than imperishable support in any mood, Caught me at moment I lie,
But I can’t find a day when you left me cry.
Mother of my heart, not blood, loved me till I turned to love.
Always been where I return, At Heart’s harbor from the sea,
the place where what we are can easy be, with nothing I need alter or unlearn.

Oh; Mother Dear Mother;
How dare I forget to be grateful?
You accepted me in every situation, motivated me for your every little creation,

blessed at every step, worried for my fate.
You are different from all near & further, never comparable to any other.

Oh; Mother, My Mother
how nice your peaceful lap & arms? Don't keep me away from you;
I won't survive without your protection & compassion take a seat next to me for lullaby.
When I fall down on my way; you lend me a hand to carry on.
Though I cannot give you now your due,Which is beyond what these poor words can say,

I give you all I can this special day,Oh; Mother, Dear Mother...

Oh Almighty God! Mother is Great! Stop The Game Of Pain & Mortal! Sow The Seeds Of Harmony & Laughter! I am Lucky to Have A Mother! But Some Are Not Who Lost Her in Peace’s Barter! Yet A Request To Thee! & Give My Mom A Longest Breath.

Friday, May 8, 2009

“I Left The Memories Behind”

“I Left The Memories Behind”
In my search for Freedom & Peace of Mind,I Left The Memories Behind. You said you didn’t love me anymore?It’s reminiscence, so why should I be still here? Don’t haunt my Soul, if this is your decision,I have nothing to say? Since our love is gone & my life is shattered, I guess you’re just a shadow of my mind? All right let me leave the memories behind.I’m lost in time;Lost in a memory of you and I,How we used to love each other,How you brought happiness into my life,How I knew everything will be okay, That inevitable moment… Ever since you left,I haven’t been the same,You were my childhood sweetheart? Yet you left without a word,You swore that we would be together and forever,Lost in a memory of our childhood, How you and I grew up together,How you kissed me,Yet you stole my first kiss, Love you like no other, Yet you left me but a memory,A memory I shall keep, Looking back at the pictures of you and; I makes me cry…But I think I can forget you, could live with you, as it’s long enough to live without you. But I promise to smile, through these tears I will try to not whine, who I’ am I without you now? So let’s leave the memories behind.Oh God; Reincarnation May pertain changes But your memory is stronger then time,Because when you shine, I shine; if you don’t shine I don’t mind.I guess everything does change exceptWhat you choose to recall There are a million good day dreams to dream onBut baby your my favorite memory of all. Like the night we first got together on our bench and held each other tightLike the winter we spent together Helping each other and closer then everAnd I remember our special times togetherAnd our walks and our lost time together

It was always you who made the whole time a ball....

Oh Baby; I can’t believe we are Apart,
I wish I am dreaming; if I am dreaming than I guess I am a crazy; how can I breathe? Oh Girl; Please don’t worry. I will be all right; Just stay here for a while, let me recall something one more time; let me hold you in my arms and let me be a pretender of not loosing you….Let us conclude from where we started Now I thank you for the memories…Of those days when I had not a friendOf those great moments when we are together? Of those seconds prior to your reasonablenessOf the great dimple when you smile.t was you who called me just to hear my voice there’s a million good timesI could dwell on But baby you are my favorite memory of allAnd you'll always be my favorite memory. I am thankful to the greatestMoments of my life with you.Here I am again; in my search for Freedom & Peace of Mind,

In order to portray a new life, to obliterate you out of my verve?Thus,
We Left All the Memories Behind………

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"Aaj Rootha Huwa Ek Dost Bohot Yaad Aaya"

Aaj Rootha huwa ek dost bohot yaad aaya,

Acha guzra huwa kuch waqt bohot yaad aaya,

Meri aankho ke her ek ashk pe ronay wala,
Aaj jab aankh yeh Roye tu bohot yaad aaya...
Aaj Rootha huwa ek dost bohot yaad aaya,

Jo mere Dard Ko seene main chupa laita tha,
aj jab Dard huwa mujh Ko bohot yaad aaya,

Jo meri aankh main kajal ki Tara rehta tha,
aaj kajal Jo lagaya tu bohot yaad aaya...
Aaj Rootha huwa ek dost bohot yaad aaya,

Jo mere dil k qareeb tha kabhi us Ko hi,
aaj jab dil nay bulaya tu bohot yaad aaya,

Meri Jindagee ki her khushi main wohi tha bus,
aaj jab yaad woh aaya tu bohot yaad aaya.....
Aaj Rootha huwa ek dost bohot yaad aaya..........

Haan Mujhe Hamesha Tumse Mohabbat Rahegi

Haan Mujhe Hamesha Tum se Mohabbat Rahe gi....
Tum Chand Asman k or Main Zameen ka Patthar,Kabhi bhi na Mile Shayad humare Muqadar,Magar Dil main Hamesha Tumhari Chahat Rahe gi,
Haan Mujhe Hamesha Tum se Mohabbat Rahe gi....
Tum Hasti ho to Lab mere bhi Muskurate hain. Tumhari Ankhoon main bhi Ansoo mere aate hain, Mere Zindagi main tumhare adaaton ki Milawat Rahe gi,
Haan Mujhe Hamesha Tum se Mohabbat Rahe gi....

Tum ko Itna Chaha kissi or Ko Cahane ki fursat na mili,Itni Mohabbat k Bawajood Teri rehmat na Mili,Meri dua`n main bhi Tumhari dastak Rahe gi,
Haan Mujhe Hamesha Tum se Mohabbat Rahe gi....
Qismat Ki Berehem Sooli per ek din main Jhool jaon ga,,,Agar mujh se ho saka to Tujhe bhool jaon ga..To Phir mere saath Umer bhar yeh "Shikayat" Rahe gi
Ke Haan "Tehzeeb" ko Hamesha Tum se Mohabaat rahe gi....!

Monday, March 16, 2009

●๋•Sitaron Tum Tu So Jao●๋•

"Sitaron Tum Tu So Jao"

Gham-e-Zindagee Hamari Hai, Sitaron Tum Tu So Jao, Hanso Aur Hanstay Hanstay Doobtay Jao Khalaon Main? Hami Par Raat Bhari Hai Sitaron Tum Tu So Jao!!

Humay Tu Aaj Subah Hone Tak Jaagna Ho Ga, Yehi Kismat Hamari Hai,

Sitaron Tum Tu So Jao, Tumhay Kia? Jo Aaj Bhi Koi Agar Milnay Nahi Aya? Ye Baazi Hum Nay Hari Hai Sitaron Tum Tu So Jao!!

Kahay Jatay Ho Ro-Ro Kar Humara Haal Duniya Say? Ye Kaisi Raz Dari Hai, Sitaron Tum Tu So Jao!! Kya Hua Jo Aaj Khushiyan Humse Naraz Hai? Abhi To Halaat-e-Jung hona Baki Hai Sitaron Tum Tu So Jao!!

Humne Socha Tha Do Char Din Ki Baat Hogi? Magar Ghamon Se Zindagee Ka Rishta Baki Hai Sitaron Tum Tu So Jao, Dhalnay Lagi Raat Ke Woo Pyaare Din Yaad aa Gaya!!Phir Us Kay Baad Raat Bari Dair Tak Rahi, Sitaron Tum Tu So Jao!!

Humay Bhi Neend A Jaye Gi Hum Bhi So Hi Jayen Gay? Abhi Kuch Beqarari Hai Sitaron Tum Tu So Jao, Humdum maan K Baithey they "Tehzeeb" jin Ki Kashti mein? Woh Lehron mein laaye they dubaane k liye, Tum Fiqr Na Karo Sitaron Tum Tu So Jao!! ●๋•

Saturday, March 7, 2009

“A Letter from A Woman; Let’s Read It for A Women”

When She Wrote to The Power of The Worlds;
Let’s hear it for women for the young and old dears

We are the unsung heroines of today You need us as leaders to educate men. With wise women as leaders less wars for to win At the hands of men we’ve suffered for years With wise women as leaders the World would stand to gain For centuries and centuries by men we’ve been kept down Make way for women it’s our turn for renown, The lover, the Sister, the mother and wives This about time we celebrated our lives!
When She Wrote to The Rulers of the worlds;
Let’s hear it for women for the young and old dears

We Suffered as little & Giant, when the dictator Raised There were great jubilations, didn’t they’ve a presentiment?After all you had unprecedented freedom under your cruel rule

You were free to study and lived as you wished? Now Let us rejoice being women of new time is here its Called democracy Remove the rights of religious bigots, to roam the streets and kill women Who do not adhere to their brutal dictate?

When She Wrote to Me;
Let’s hear it for women for the young and old dears
We lead your Homes, Your desire to be a Man.
But we get the domestic violence should get extinct? You want the humans to Increase. And we would be on our way to a lasting World peace,
We are attacked by the People we trust & Know, we love Our voice is a taboo, held in reserved, where to go, how to get save?
Perhaps only women in protection of Men can hope to survive
Even don’t kill us in womb let us see the world alive
And if wise women led Life there would not be wars and intimidation and less of poverty. It’ll be more compassion and understanding that might lead to The Harmony.
My Gift To All Women On Woman's Day Special

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

“Mission Helen”

“Mission Helen”

I m no prince of Troy
But I love you the way
Paris loved Helen.
Let me be the one for you; let me be Your Paris.
My Heart is like an ocean’s wave
You’re my mission that keeps me alive.

I love you like I love the sunlight hours, when everything goes accurate,

I love you like I love to lay downand watch the stars at my lonely night,
I love you like I love the wild rainits lustful calm embrace again.
I love you like I love to laugh without you; until it hurts my face,
I love you like I love to drivewith no real destination,

My Love is still nameless to you Oh Girl,
I tried to tell you I worship you, I don’t merely “Love” you, I “Live” you but,

the words were hard to find. I'm always thinking about you, you imprisoned my common sense you're the only one on my intelligence.
Oh why do I act so shy forever hiding my face?

Though I am not The Pharaohs, nor The Ramesses
But I Love You the Way Cleopatra loved her ancient Egypt.
I Love you more then you will ever know
Like the way farmer’s happiest crop ever grow I love the way you make me shed tears,

Tears of joy stream from my eyes,
As I hear your voice, a loving surprise.
I love you when you're angry I love you when you're sad,
I love you when you're gladI love you truly, like the love to GodI love you deeply,
like the mother of even & odd. Ever since the day,
your presence made me more spotless let me be your cherish
Let me be Your Love,
Let Me Be Your Paris.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Why We are lonely?

I am Lonely, you are lonely, He is lonely , she is lonely, We are lonely?

Read why we all are lonely by some simple lines !

"Lonely are the nights, Lonely are the days, Lonely am I, in so many ways Lonely are the children with fate, Lonely are the muddy house without a gate, Lonely are the hunger`s,in the seek of food,Lonely is the food, in seek of its route. Lonely are the seasons, Lonely are the years; So lonely am I, that it brings tears. Lonely is this place,Lonely is my life, Lonely we are that we reach for a knife, Lonely is the court room, Lonely are those thousands of people for justice, So lonely am I that I ask for repentance. Lonely are NOT the flowers, the rain,the smile on our face, they are sticked with the hate-rate and pain, Lonely are NOT the people who divide and rule, Loneliness will always be fooled. The Birds are lonely, the trees, the Sky is lonely the deep blue see,The loneliness can be called back only to sow the peace, someday,

That`s reason we are Lonely, in so many ways"!

Today, my friend yelled at me!

Today, my friend yelled at me. I wrote in sand my friend yelled at me.

Today, my friend punched me.I wrote in sand my friend punched me.

Today, my friend cursed me.I wrote in sand my friend cursed me.

Today, my friend made me cry.I wrote in sand my friend made me cry.

Today, my friend insulted me.I wrote in sand my friend insulted me.
Today, my friend asked me for forgiveness;

I wrote in stone my friend asked for forgiveness.

Today, my friend saved my life.I wrote in stone my friend saved my life.

Today, my friend made me smile.I wrote in stone my friend made me smile.

Today, my friend told me she cares for me.I wrote in stone my friend cares for me.

Today, my friend was grateful for me.I wrote in stone my friend was grateful for me.

I wrote in sand the bad things my friend did to me. I wrote in stone the good things did to me.
Winds will erase the bad things written in the sand. Nothing can erase the good things written in the stone.

Why does mankind hate people based on religion and race?

Why does mankind hate people based on religion and race? Is it ignorance, education, or governments deciding our place.
For people are people regardless of the color of their face. And the love in our hearts is an example of God's grace.
European people are the most powerful people under the sun. Asians, Blacks, and Jews are constantly under the economic gun.
But people should not be exploited because of the color of skin. White people must reject racism for a world of love to begin.
But are not Blacks, Jews, and Asians also guilty of racism? For some of their religious leaders are advocates of separatism.
Now all people, whites, Asians, Jews,and Blacks, live on earth. For racism will show God how much our souls are really worth.
All people will die and their bodies will stink becoming dirt. And the devil will have the souls of all racist to forever hurt.
For Love is the most powerful force throughout the world. Conquering all obstacles and causing racist minds to whirl.
We can't take money religion family or hate when we die. But we can take love, and send it back to those who will cry.
For only love will cure any grieving and lonely heart. And cause a no-good son or daughter to give life another start.
People are just human beings regardless of their ethnic pride. So people should try to constantly look spiritually inside.
So forget about religion racism and discriminating government.

Because only Brotherhood will eliminate all bills and the rent.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Tum kesi muhabbat karti ho?

Tum kesi muhabbat karti ho?

Main Aesi Muhabbat Karta Hun,

Tum jahan pe beth k jati ho,

Jis cheez ko hath lagati ho, Main wahin pe betha rehta hun,

Uss cheez ko chhuta rehta hun, Main aesi muhabbat karta hun,

Tum kesi muhabbat karti ho, Tum jis se hans kar milti ho Main us ko dost banata hun,

Tum jis rastay pe chalti ho Main us se aata jata hun, Main aesi muhabbat karta hun,

Tum kesi muhabbat karti ho? Tum jin ko dekhti rehti ho Wo khuwab sirhanay rakhta hun,

Tum se milnay julnay k Kitnay hi bahanay rakhta hun, Main aesi muhabbat karta hun,

Tum kesi muhabbat karti ho,Kuch khuwab saja kar aankhon mein, Palkon se moti chunta hun Koi,lams agar chhu jaey to Main pehron us ko sochta hun,

Main aesi muhabbat karta hun,

Tum kesi muhabbat karti ho? Jin logon mein tum rehti ho,

Tum jin se baatien karti ho,Jo tum ko acchay lagtay hain Wo hi mujh ko acchay lagtay hain,

Tehzeeb' Aesi Muhabbat Karta Hai!! Tum kesi muhabbat kartay ho?

Saturday, January 17, 2009

My Silent Cry!

My Silent Cry!
I hear your voice,

Though you do not speak,

You have a longing.

Trust in love you seek.
At night you cry, But there is no one to hear-

No one to listen, To that dream you hold dear.
Most people don't care,

So they do not see your tears.

They cannot hear your silent cries,

Nor sense your deepest fears.
You live in a constant shadow,

Of what tomorrow will bring.

Will it bring joy or laughter,

Or teardrops that will sting?
Today I heard the silent cry,

An echo from far, far away.It made me cry, too; I didn't know what to say.
You are surrounded by people,

Yet you are all alone.They do not see the teardrops,

Which cut you to the bone.
They cannot feel the anger, Seething within your heart.

They cannot feel this pain, Tearing you apart.
You did not choose this fate, But it's hardships you must face,

The silent cry is a longing, To escape to a safer place.
The past cannot change, You cannot change who you are.

There's one thing you can do,

You can try to heal the scar.
I am here to help you; In my love you can rely,

In My silent cry !

I'm shy to talk to you!

Beautiful eyes, beautiful face,
I'm shy to talk to you.

You're the eagle I must watch,

No matter what I do. You're the beauty,

wild and free,The mistress of my eyes,

Rolling through exultant air,Alone in pristine skies.
I would take you for my own,

Could I but have your wings,

Could I but go where night beginsAnd frozen sunlight sings.
Could I but have you for my love,

How might we fly together!

But I must watch you from below,

And long for you forever.

But I must be the one belowAnd long for you forever.

The Power Of GoodBye!

"The Power Of GoodBye.Before we say good-bye"!
You said goodbye I fell apart I fell from all we had To I never knew I needed you so bad
You need to let things go I know, you told me so I've been through hell To break the spell
Why did I ever let you slip away Can't stand another day without you Without the feeling I once knew I cry silently I cry inside of me I cry hopelessly Cause I know I'll never breathe your love again I cry Cause you're not here with me I cry Cause I'm lonely as can be I cry hopelessly Cause I know I'll never breathe your love again, If you could see me now You would know just how How hard I try Not to wonder why ; I wish I could believe in something new Oh please somebody tell me it's not true (oh girl) I'll never be over you Why did I ever let you slip away Can't stand another day without you Without the feeling I once knew I cry silently I cry inside of me I cry hopelessly Cause I know I'll never breathe your love again I cry Cause you're not here with me I cry Cause I'm lonely as can be I cry hopelessly Cause I know I'll never breathe your love again If I could have you back tomorrow If I could lose the pain and sorrow I would do just anything To make you see You still love me.
I cry silently I cry inside of me I cry hopelessly,
Cause I know I'll never breathe your love again,
I cry Cause you're not here with me,
I cry Cause I'm lonely as can be,
I cry hopelessly Cause I know I'll never breathe your love again,
But I Know I Can Gain More From The Power, The Power Of GoodBye. . . .!

Friday, October 24, 2008

●๋• Somebody Stole The Stars Of My Sky®●๋•

●๋• Somebody Stole The Stars Of My Sky®●๋•

Today I woke up, it was five past midnight I saw the sky, all over empty,

No one to blame, no one to explain, Then I realize “Somebody stole the stars of my Sky.

After That; I lost in a world, that scares me to death, Lost in a crowd, I'm losing my breath. Lost as a boy, lost as a man, I need to grow up, don't think I can. Since, somebody stole the stars of my Sky….I Lost as a person, can't find my way. Lost in life, every dayLost in worry, who am I? All my life, I've lived a lie.Lost to kindness, lost to love, Lost in a sky, like a new-born dove Lost in thought, which I shouldn't do, It winds me up, I can’t get through.Lost in me, I need a break, Lost in wonder, which road to take? Lost in a place I don't know well, Where are you now? There's no one to tell.Lost here, all alone, Lost apart from the mobile phoneLost still, there are no calls.I'm struggling alone, to break these walls.

Before That; The Stars used to rally round my life The moon used to guide my nights, The Loneliness & tribulations were far away to my days. Now I am Lost in the Moonlight* In the ashes of my bad deeds, my mistakes B`cos of the curse of angels & cherubs Oh God, Help me...I know you will help me,You have to help me. Oh thanks you have helped me.

So here on “Tehzeeb* tries to heal himselfWaiting for the The Returns Of The StarsYeah “good days shall bring him back the smiles”. But thanks` to difficulties to make him strong So “Tehzeeb* was At The Visage Of “Predicament Mirage”B`cos “Somebody stole the stars of my Sky !

Suno Ae Chaand Si Ladki....!

Suno Ae Chaand Si Ladki....!
Suno.....Aai Chaand si ladkiAbhi Tum keh rahi thi naa Tumhe Mujh se Mohabbat ho nahi sakti....Chalo Mana K ye Sach hai..
Mager Ae Chand si ladki...!Mujhe itna bata do tum Ke jab mousam badalte hainGuloon me Rang bharte hainTo phir kyon pareshan hokerAkele Pun se Ghabraa ker? Hawa ko Raaz deti hoMujhe Aawaaaz deti ho?
Suno....Ae Chand si ladki? Tumhare Saamne koi mera jab naam leta hai To phir kyon chonk jati ho?? Chalo Maana Tumhe Mujhse Mohabbat ho nahi saktiMagar Jab Chand Nikalta hai, Kyon Yaad mujhe tum karty ho?fir kyon andhere se darty ho? Mujhe takiyeh samajhkar tum apne seene se bhandh lety ho?
Suno....Ae Chand si ladki?

Chalo mana ke yeh sach hai, Bichadke mujhse khush tum ho? Magar itna samajhlo tum, ke jhoot kuch bhi kaho,Magar yun sach nahi chupta, Yeh raat meri bhi humraaz hai,mujhe sab sach bataty hai,Tumhare ek-ek ashko subha ki shabnam banadety hai. Suno....Ae Chand si ladki?Chalo Maana Tumhe Mujhse Mohabbat ho nahi saktiMagar itna samajh lo Tum, Yeh Muhabbat chup nahi sakty, Yeh chahat mit nahi sakty, bhale laakh parde main apne aap ko rakhlo tum, Sadayen mit nahi sakty."Bhale hum milnahi sakte, magar yeh yaaden to milne do"Yaadon zinda rakhkar khushiyon ke phool khilne do..


Kya tum meri parchai ho? Ya tum koi Saaya?Jo har waqt Saath Hota hai! Ya koi Haqeeqat jo Har har pal Saath hone ka ehsaas Deti hai!
Sochta hu k tum kya ho? Kya tum Meri aankhein? ya tum Koi Khwab ho? Jo har pal aankho me hota hai? Ya koi Aarzoo jissey paaney ko dil Chahta hai?
Sochta hu k tum kya ho? Kya tum Mera ASMAAN? Ya tum koi Aise AANCHAL"Jo Hamesha Mujhe Tumse Bhandhey rakhta hai?
Sochta hu k tum kya ho? Kya tum meri Awaz ho? Jo hamesha Sunayi Deti hai? Ya koi Aisi Dhun Jiska Ehsaas har waqt Dil mein hota hai?
Sochta hu k tum kya ho? Kya tum mera Dil ho? Ya koi Dhadkan jo har waqt tumhe yaad karta hai? Ya koi Aas jo Dil se Nikalti ho…Tumhe paane ki Hamesha..
Sochta hu k tum kya ho? Kya tum koi Phool ho? Ya koi Phool ki kali JIssey har Koi paana Chahta hai?Ya koi Aisa Baagh Jispe Bhavren jaan dete hai?
Sochta hu k tum kya Ho?Kya tum koi Mehek ho? Ya koi aisi Khusbu Jiske paas aaatey hi Dil madhosh ho jaata hai? Ya koi Aisa Ehsaas jiske Deewane ho jaaye Sab!

Phir Sochta hu tum kaun ho?

Aur Kahase ho? Koi Itna Haseen, itna Pyaara nahi hota Jitna k tum..Zarroor Tum AIsi jagah se ho jaha Ki Saari Chize Khoobsurat hai?Kyunki Jab Sochta hu to Lagta hai..Ke tum koi PARI ho Jo Sirf Tehzeeb" ki hai..

Friday, June 6, 2008



Us din to sab kuch tootk barsa tha, kal hum khud hi tootk baras gaye, Mere sinay main dil,aur hum dono. Fir raat bhar raotay rahe...
Kyonki Ab tumto ho nahi.
Sirf tumhare yaden ha,woh sari pichli baatain ha, sare tumhare wade ha,qasmain ha,wo hamai raat jagaye rakhi, Kyonki hum Fir kal raatbhar rotay rahy., Kal achanaq un galiyon se fir hum guzre, janha, apse hum ghanto baten kiya karte thay,hamain, ajeeb andaz se daraty rahi,aur kehne lagi,use bhool jao, Usko" wo wade yaad nahi ha, Kal rat meri tanhaiyeh bhi mujhe dekhkar mazak udanelagi, Kyonki hum Fir kal raatbhar rotay rahay..

Achanaq subha ho gaye, ankhen laal ho gaye,
Din nikal aya, umeed thi aaj apko hum bhool jayenge, Koshish karenge, aanson pooch dalenge, kab tak aise rotay rahenge? Kyon tumhai ab bhi chahte hai, Intezar karte hai? Woh" shayad khushhai, sochne laga ke Kya Unko" bhi nend aty hogy? ya mere tarah woh bhi ashq bahaty hogi? Bus yahi soch kar....


Saturday, May 24, 2008

I Miss You !

▄♥▄~~I Miss You~~▄♥▄

I want to hold ur hand, n walk a mile, I dont want to MISS U even a while! My life is so beautiful cos DEAR...Its you, My Life! Hug me for my worries to Die, My tears to dry n` my lonliness to fly!I miss u every moment of the day, Since u left,I keep me awake just to listen u, I keep me empty just u to fill, I keep me alive just to see, Just to hear u one more time!My morning miss u, My evening seeks u! Where were u all these years? Y u werent there to wipe my tears!

Hearts change, i know they do,
Bt ths heart always belongs to u..Hearts hurts i know they do, But i swear, i didnt hurt you, only sum misunderstanding did it, But you should know this, This heart hurts more without you..! Even seconds are too long to miss u, I want to hold ur hand, and walk a mile, DOnt want to miss you even for a while, People may miss & LOVE u, .I do it too, But may not be able to tell you how i do, I care for you all the time in my strange way, May be you WONT know it, May be i cant show it!But as tear drops made me a lesson,I know you are not for me, why should i bother u? You live your life, Always smile, I will be there for a while, probably Waiting for u,
I LEFT everyone for you;
fought with everyone i know,just for you to fill my life.. You never try to READ MY MIND, just left a whole in my HEART, But its all right, all the momories are still in my vein..Thanks you so much... Cos some lessons are best when learnt thru pain...
You said you are leaving;
Cos your attitude made it so,But before you go, tell me is that somebody else swept your heart away..did you get a heart who wants you more then me ?I know you dont MISS ME, but atleast do it for sake of our past memories...
But "Tehzeeb" miss you, and miss you and miss you shall keep missing you...more then me!▄♥▄

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

♥ღ♥I feel lonely without you♥ღ♥

ღ♥ღ♥I feel lonely without you♥ღ♥
When i don't get to hear from you
I feel so lonely

When i don't get the chance to see you
I feel so lonelyWhen i know you're not there

I feel so lonelyWhen i'm sad, there's no one to lean on to
I feel so lonely When i'm thinking silently
I fell so lonely There's no one that i wanna be with apart being with u
I feel so lonelyThere's no one better than u
I feel so lonely God why "Tehzeeb" feel so lonely?
When he know`s she can't come back to him As anytime, whenever as he want`s to...? And why do he feel so angry....God...Now I wish i was with u Each day's been killing me Looking at the old days, when my heart was with her, it returned, it brought back the memories..Shaking my head..How can i go through? Oh, there's no one special except uand i just wish i could show it to u Missing u loads My "LOVE " So "Tehzeeb" feel lonely without youღ♥ღ♥!

ღ ♥ღ Tumhara Khat mila♥ღ ♥ღ

ღ ♥ღ Tumhara Khat mila♥ღ ♥ღ

Wo jis main tum ne pocha hai...Ke abb "Tehzeeb" halaat kaise hain..

Mere din raat kaise hain...Meharbani tumari hai..

Ke tum ne is taran mujh say..Mere Halaat poche hai..Mere din raat poche hain...

Tumhe Sab kuch bata donga.."Pehle" Mujhe Itna bata Do Ke...Kabhi Sagar Kinaray Per..Kisi Machli ko dekha hai??Ke Jis Ko lehrain Pani KKinaray Tak To lati hain..Magar phir choor jati hain..

Mere Halat Ayese Hain..Mere Din raat ayese hain.. Tumhara Khat mila..Wo jis main tum ne pocha hai...Ke abb "Tehzeeb" halaat kaise hain..Mere din raat kaise hain...

Meharbani tumari hai..

Wednesday, February 6, 2008



Hum kal raat bhar rotay rahay....

Sab kuch toot k barsa…Meray aangan ki chat

Or meray seenay may dilhum kal raat bhar rotay rahay,

Tumhari yaadain,Saari pichli baatein,Ankahay waday,Jaani anjani qasmain,Qatra qatra tapakti rahien, Bhal bhal aankh say behti rahein,Sab kuch toot k barsa....

Meray aangan ki chatOr meray seenay may dilKyonky hum Kal raatbhar rotay rahay...

Jin galiyon main ruck ke, guzar k kabhi,hum jab apse pehron baten kiya karte they,woh hamain ajeeb nigahon se dekhty rehty hai,Kya "USKO" woh wade yaad nahi atay,kal raat mery tanhayee pe hasty rehi,Kyonky hum Kal raatbhar rotay rahay...

Magar ab jab k subha ho gayi hai,Or aik or raat kat chuki hai,

To hum soch rahay hain kApnay aansoun ponch daalainAankhoun per band baandh dalainkyon ke Abhi aik or raat aani hai….Fir yehi soch ke, baar baar................

Hum Kal raatbhar "Tehzeeb" rotay rahay,rotay rahay,rotay rahay...

Monday, January 7, 2008

Tumhai Bhulake Apni takat Dikhana Chahta hoon?

Ajj main use bhulane chala tha
ajj me use hamesha ke liye bhulane chala tha...
uski yaado ke nisha dil se mitane chala tha .....
jo shaksh kabhi meri kamjori huva karta tha ........
ajj use bhula kar apni takat dikhane chala tha.....
ye faisla maine badi asani se kar liya...
uski har ek yaad ko sine me dafan kar liya...
Ab kya batau unhe ki us-se mera kya rishta jud gaya tha.....
kyu vo gair meri zindgi me apno ki taraha utar gaya tha........
bahut koshis ki use vapas bulane ki,par vo humse door jata raha......
hamare sath bitaya huve har lamho ki yaade vo apne dil se mitata raha....
Ek hum hi the jo use dil ke itna karib la baithe......
uske ek sath ko apni zindgi ki zarurat bana baithe.......
ab aksar use yaad kar ke apni kismat pe afsos banata hu.....
roz use bhulne ki kasam kha kar khudh ko thesh pahuchata hu....
Ab to bas yahi kar dikhana he ,kisi taraha uski yaado ko mitana he...
ye kambakhat tanhaiya bhi to apni adat se baaz nahi aati he.......
Ajj main use bhulane chala tha...!

Monday, December 31, 2007

Mujhay ab yaad mat kerna !

Mujhay ab yaad mat kerna !

Mujhay ab yaad mat kerna... Kabhi bhi yaad mat kerna... Naya jo saal aaey ga... Kai khushiyaa'n bhi laaey ga... In khushiyo'n ko ab barbaad mat kerna.......,
Mujhay ab yaad mat kerna...Kabhi bhi yaad mat kerna...Jo ghar ma'loom ho maira... Mager jab koi poochay to... To tum izhaar mat kerna.....,

Mujhay ab yaad mat kerna... Kabhi bhi yaad mat kerna... Mujhay haa'n yaad kernay say... Ho badawa tairi sauch may... Mujhay ab apni sauch may...Tum shumaar mat kerna... Mujhay ab yaad mat kerna... kabhi bhi yaad mat kerna....!

Jo ab aaye tum khawab main..
Jo tum roz aya karte the, neend churaya karte the,
Main sada ke liyeh ankhen band karlunga...
Mujhay ab yaad mat kerna...kabhi bhi yaad mat kerna....!

ConfEssiOn of A BrokEn hEArT.........

"ConfEssiOn of A BrokEn hEArT"

My heart...... my heart is broken and its all because of you.... my heart cant be put back together with some glue,
my heart is full of pain and u dont even care.... my heart really needs you but your not even there,
my heart now as an empty heart needs u to fill that place,,,,
my heart feels the friendship will never be heart wants you to still keep me safe,
my heart knew this friendship would grow into something heart knew you were going to shut that door,
my heart told me to let you know how i really heart told me if he lets go then its not actually real,,,,
my heart never told me if i told you i would loose a heart never told me my world would come to an end,
my heart thought you wouldn, t walk out for heart thought u would of understood,
my heart now misses all fun we have had heart now wishes we should of stayed friends forever,
my heart just had to give in and put up with the fact that you are heart has let you win and made me realise that i was wrong all is about the "Confession of a broken heart"....

I dont knw why i love to see you cry....

I dont knw why i love to see you cry....
I don't think you will,ever fully you've touched my life,and made me who I am.But I dont knw why i love to see you cry.. I don't think you could ever know,,,just how truly special you are...that even on the darkest nights,,,,you are my brightest star....
But I dont knw why i love to see you cry.... I don't think you will ever fully comprehend,,how you've made my dreams come true,or how you've opened my love and the wonders it can do...

But I dont knw why i love to see you cry.. You've allowed me to experience...something very hard to find,unconditional love that exists,in my body, soul, and mind....But I dont knw why i love to see you cry.. I don't think you could ever feel,all the love I have to give..and I'm sure you'll never realize,you've been my will to live,,,,,,

ut I dont knw why i love to see you cry.. You are an amazing person,and without you I don't know where I'd be....Having you in my life,completes and fulfills every part of me......
But I dont knw why i love to see you cry..

Oh My complicated Heart ?

"A Complicated Heart"
Oh My complicated Heart; How do you do when she is away from you and everything so cold to you? What is it that keeps you all warm?
Oh My complicated Heart tell me; How do you survive when she seems lost andnever will return? What is it that keeps you alive?
Oh My complicated Heart answer me; How do you forgive when she gives you wounds are not all the way healed? What is it that makes you forget?
Oh My complicated Heart please realize; How do you feel when you miss her like the way she used to do Dont you think it was a just a lie? What is the reason that you still miss her ?
Oh My complicated Heart please listen; How do you think when your voice was her breathing now all the memories & promises are lost ? What is it that you were always so aware?
Oh My complicated Heart help me; How do you cry when everything rips apartand around you its all dark? What is it that you're so calm?
Oh My complicated Heart think; How do you thank her if she contacts meanwhile to check u aliveis that something confussion or a game? What is it that you're so thankful no matter what?
Oh My complicated Heart recall it; How do you remember when its been long ago that you've almost lost everything?
What is it that keeps all those memories inside?
Oh My complicated Heart please find; How do you choose when out of a hundred you only need one, when you stand on a 4-way stop and you choose your path? What is it that helps you decide?
Oh My complicated Heart please hear.......How do you answer when you are asked so many questions and the answer is nowhere to be found? What is it that talk without words?

Oh My complicated calm & quite, was a dream, a romantic assasination for a while,to take your sleep away, to make you happy for a ray, in a sweet & innocent way...But mean it you are alone , all alone in your dark room....have to live with it......there is no way... but i"ll still ask her how to handle you Oh My complicated Heart.......

Saturday, December 29, 2007

A Letter to a Lost Friend...........

A Letter to a Lost Friend
We shared our joys and sorrows We'd laugh and sometimes cryDoes pain lie in our tomorrows? Was our friendship just a lie?
You used to give me the sunshineYour smile brightened my dayNow I find you don't have the time, So why do I bother to stay?
My tears are like raindropsWe shouldn't have to cry anymoreSomewhere the crying stops, If happy days were here like before.
Your dreams seem too importantThan having me aroundYou want me to always smile, And wear the fake face of a clown.....

I cherished the beautiful times we had And the dreams we once did shareYou gave them all up and I got sad-To think you now don't care.
How can you say you need me, When each day you are saying good-bye? You don't realize, but I know it, So why do you bother to lie?
I held on so tight; I smothered you with my tears.But I found out the other night, I'm wasting a lot of years.
You know I still love you; The love of a friend never dies.I cannot say I hate you, Or I would be telling a lie....

Why do we make these mistakes? How many tears does it take? Don't you know it takes two; For a friendship to stay new?
I'm willing to give you a chance, If it's worth the try.I'm sorry if I cannot be what you want...For I truly do not want to be shy.
Say you'll take me as I am, For all the good and bad...For without you near, Eternally I'll be so sad....

These line are enough to recall your lost memories,these lines are like a mirror for me..may be they are reall!

Bath Me In Your Tears..........

Bath Me In Your Tears
No greater comfort can be found, then tears of love and caring.When the love of another, does rise from ones heat, and overflow in tears, know ye well, that greater love,does not exist.
Bath me in your tears, oh pure and snow white dove, and you will shower me, with goodness hope and love. Bath me in your tears, my lifes an angry sea. Bath me in your tears, bring tranquility to me....

Bath me in you tears, and wash away my fear.Hold me close my love, that I might know you care. Bath me in your tears, and mend my lonely heart.Kiss me, love me...tell me... we shall never part. Bath me in your tears, a heavens mist of dew, that I might see the light, with help from only you. And when my life is over, and I am put to rest, I'll take your tears of love and joy...for they're the very best.

After you leave, I will become a tree..........

After you leave, I will become a tree..

After you leave, I will become a tree Alone on a hillside,

loving wind and sun,Waiting for you to return home to me,

Though centuries of lonely stars may run. I'll grow tall and give lots of shade,

Sheltering birds and other bright-eyed things.

Pleased with all the progress that I've made,

I'll spread my leafy branches out like wings.
But oh! Every moment of every dayI'll miss you with the passion of the wind,

Gazing endlessly upon the wayThat without you must empty, empty wind.

Your eyes won't let my thoughts go back to sleep,

The days I spent with you are like a tapeI play,

rewind, play, rewind, and play.Whenever I remember something new.....
First love is like playing with fire:Aglow with pain and glory,

Tell me, my dear first love,Whether I'm burned into your heart.....
After you leave, I will become a tree Alone on a hillside no matter who i am to you,

the latter wil remind.........

Before we say good-bye....

Before we say good-bye. . .
I need to hear your voice, before we say goodbye.
I need to feel the touch of your hand on my face,before we say good bye.
I need you to look into my eyes and you too before we say goodbye....
I need you to hold me close in you safe embrace, before we say goodbye....
The Truth is I can come up with so many morereasons for you to stay a little longer.
So stand by me one more time....before you say goodbye,
I love your laughter, And how it makes me smile....
You won't be here tomorrow,It's only for awhile.........
I cherish the way you look,When something makes you glad,
Knowing we'll soon part, Really makes me sad,so think before we say goodbye;
I pray that each moment will last forever, I memorize it all,
Hoping you won't forget me, As teardrops start to fall,
I hold on to my dreams,Of those that we plan,
so cry again one more time..before we say goodbye.......

I am alone in the dark...........

I am alone in the dark room...

With only one candle awake.... There are bars on the window...
I hear vocies say to me 'you will always be "unwanted".........So I sit alone trying to break free.But each time I do I wind up back in the same place.....

I am alone in the dark..Gave u enough time, but "You" never came back,u made a mistake, no matter what...So I cut my wrist with a blade. As I do I watch the blood run off to the floor creating a puddle.
I am growing weak so weak that I am as white as a I am lying on the floor shaking and bleeding till,I close my eyes and never awake for now I am dead. Don't cry for I wanted to do this. why worry about it.

Now walk with the moments we had....let me walk with moments we get,nothing will disturb us forever,i am happy with this dark,left the bright world for your eyes...I am alone in the dark...........

If a child learns............

If a child lives with criticism, he learns to condemn.

If a child lives with hostility, he learns to fight.

If a child lives with ridicule, he learns to be shy.

If a child lives with shame, he learns to feel guilty.

If a child lives with tolerance, he learns to be patient.

If a child lives with encouragement, he learns confidence.

If a child lives with praise, he learns to appreciate.

If a child lives with fairness, he learns justice.

If a child lives with security, he learns to have faith.

If a child lives with approval, he learns to like himself.

If a child lives with acceptance and friendship, He learns to find love in the world.

Let the Child live in freedom...then only a Child can become a wise Man...