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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

"Victim of A Dream"

"Victim of a Dream"
As; The Past Is Over.
Time To Move On.

I saw a Dream; That Choked Me Down
56 Pills Now. Two A Day For How Long?

Cause; Once I dreamt,
Of loving & living A lovely life
A house For My Nation’s lost children And Rebuffed Wives.
Some Starts for My Parents & India's poverty To Dry.
Am I Too Late? This Sadness; I Feel Is Overwhelming,
My Soul Has Lost Its Guide, My Heart Trying To Go On Beating,
Though it’s Been Torn from Deep Inside,
To Realize It’s Finally Over,
Though I Tried So Many Times,
It’s Hard To Grasp; My Ardor Has Gone,

When; Children Bring Their Broken Toys,
With Tears To Us To Mend?
I brought My Broken Dreams To God,
Cause He Was My Only Friend,
I Lost My Way, Lost It That Way?
Lost Myself, Lost Themselves? Do I Need to requite?
But Then Instead of Leaving My Dreams To Thy?
In peace To Work Alone, I Hung Around & tried To Help,
With Ways That Were my Own?

I Was Hated At School, Hated At Work?
A Dream Was My Fault Or A Gestate To Stand On My Own?
Things Went Wrong, It Broke My heart,
I Became So Bitter & Gave Up The Arm.
But How To cognizant My Mom & Dad; they must be waiting for the salutary News?

They Said; I Have No Purpose & No Goal, an Empty Dream Is All That’s Left,
One Life without a Soul, So Where Now Do We Go From Here?
Cause I Blocked My Dream, This fear is bigger Than That faith,
They Said; Everything Will be Okay, In The End,
If Ain't No Okay; Ain't No End?
They Said: Chasing Dreams Wasn’t My Mistake?
But I Must Knew The Road That Bring Me Back To My Home,
Thank God I am Home; But Remained A Doom; Should I Die?
Now My FRIENDS are Roaring from SKY; Rich Dad Products, On My Grim….
Its HARD To Forget The PAST; So FAST; It Was Nice; It Was bad But REAL & It’s Gone? Cause Tehzeeb Is A
"Victim of A Dream"

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