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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I Hate That I Don't Hate You

Now a days When We Wake UpIn The Morning Until We Reach To The Yawning?
We Read More About Terrorism, Racism, Communism and The Exclusive Hates &. Reminiscently; We Are Killed By Us? Unfortunately The Perpetrator And The rescuer Both of Them are ‘Human’ Why They are Dissimilar? As They are born like or gestated By All of us, Our failures? Please read some of my Insane Thoughts Below & Find Out Why it is Still
uneasy To HATE the one Who Hate me? Please Read my Mind:-

Dear “Enemy, My Brother, Dear Shadow, The Killer”
I hate that you Kill me
I hate that I Killed By you
I hate that your smile haunts
I hate that you die
I hate that I can't be angry
I hate that I'm upset
I hate that you wanted this
I hate that I didn’t teach you
I hate that I couldn't make you happy
I Hate that My Death Couldn’t make you Unhappy
I hate that you are Different
I hate that I don't hate you
I Hate That Being hated, Why Don’t I hate you?
I hate that your laugh is gone
I hate that when you dance when you exterminate
I hate your friends for not crying
I hate that I can't stop crying
I hate that life goes on, On & On
I hate that your not actually me*
I hate your choices
I hate the Peace that you love
I hate I feel that you’re Thee
I hate you're no longer comprehend
I hate the Jubilates you Mission
I hate the minds you taught with
I hate your dad for what he's done

Now those who hate, must hate me
Because of thou hate I hate thee,
the point i must make,
leaving myself without this weight
Is that I love to hate?
and all love hate when you hate what they hate.
So Why Don’t You Stop This Hate,
Look Mom is calling for Your Mate, Don’t hate Your Mate?
Serenity’s gates are open, calling your name, again,
I’ll be waiting when you come Home, Even If it’s Late? My Love Will Remain
Stop This Pain, Take your time to Dream & believe there is Still “A Way To The Moon”

I hate seeing you so unhappy
I hate so many things but the one
I hate the most
I hate that I Still Love You,
I hate I would die By you
I hate I'll never get over you
I hate this new you, But? Still
I hate myself for not hating you

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