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Saturday, July 4, 2009


Last Night; I saw A Dream. Let's See it together....

Last Night I Saw A Dream, Might Be A Dream Within A Dream?
I dream of you, I dream of me;
I Heard Saying “The Train between Melbourne to Banglore; Arriving Shortly,
One man, one faith, one planet, Terra & Firma untimely…..

They said; Breath together the air; with all kings & diminutives,
plunk for the water in concert for thirsty flames?
Please be in a line to tie a knot of nuptials all the shades & disregarding color claims…..
I dream of you, I dream of me;

They Said;
Moonlit nights depict the light of jasmine; permeating the air with its sweet aroma towards little low & little high to all the mankind?
Be it Pacific Rim or Hemispherical grim let’s own one human connection Sim…
They said: Elections are knocking; Voter list is 7 billion;
Together all dwelling One moon, One Sun & One earth.

Then Mom yelled & Tehzeeb; woke up in the shared sky; found the dream is absent; Rubbed my eyes but it wasn’t present.
I dreamed of you, I dreamed of me;

"So if my closed eyes could bring the joy & Glory of One Earth together? Then I wish my eyes close foreve"

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