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Saturday, March 7, 2009

“A Letter from A Woman; Let’s Read It for A Women”

When She Wrote to The Power of The Worlds;
Let’s hear it for women for the young and old dears

We are the unsung heroines of today You need us as leaders to educate men. With wise women as leaders less wars for to win At the hands of men we’ve suffered for years With wise women as leaders the World would stand to gain For centuries and centuries by men we’ve been kept down Make way for women it’s our turn for renown, The lover, the Sister, the mother and wives This about time we celebrated our lives!
When She Wrote to The Rulers of the worlds;
Let’s hear it for women for the young and old dears

We Suffered as little & Giant, when the dictator Raised There were great jubilations, didn’t they’ve a presentiment?After all you had unprecedented freedom under your cruel rule

You were free to study and lived as you wished? Now Let us rejoice being women of new time is here its Called democracy Remove the rights of religious bigots, to roam the streets and kill women Who do not adhere to their brutal dictate?

When She Wrote to Me;
Let’s hear it for women for the young and old dears
We lead your Homes, Your desire to be a Man.
But we get the domestic violence should get extinct? You want the humans to Increase. And we would be on our way to a lasting World peace,
We are attacked by the People we trust & Know, we love Our voice is a taboo, held in reserved, where to go, how to get save?
Perhaps only women in protection of Men can hope to survive
Even don’t kill us in womb let us see the world alive
And if wise women led Life there would not be wars and intimidation and less of poverty. It’ll be more compassion and understanding that might lead to The Harmony.
My Gift To All Women On Woman's Day Special

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