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Friday, May 8, 2009

“I Left The Memories Behind”

“I Left The Memories Behind”
In my search for Freedom & Peace of Mind,I Left The Memories Behind. You said you didn’t love me anymore?It’s reminiscence, so why should I be still here? Don’t haunt my Soul, if this is your decision,I have nothing to say? Since our love is gone & my life is shattered, I guess you’re just a shadow of my mind? All right let me leave the memories behind.I’m lost in time;Lost in a memory of you and I,How we used to love each other,How you brought happiness into my life,How I knew everything will be okay, That inevitable moment… Ever since you left,I haven’t been the same,You were my childhood sweetheart? Yet you left without a word,You swore that we would be together and forever,Lost in a memory of our childhood, How you and I grew up together,How you kissed me,Yet you stole my first kiss, Love you like no other, Yet you left me but a memory,A memory I shall keep, Looking back at the pictures of you and; I makes me cry…But I think I can forget you, could live with you, as it’s long enough to live without you. But I promise to smile, through these tears I will try to not whine, who I’ am I without you now? So let’s leave the memories behind.Oh God; Reincarnation May pertain changes But your memory is stronger then time,Because when you shine, I shine; if you don’t shine I don’t mind.I guess everything does change exceptWhat you choose to recall There are a million good day dreams to dream onBut baby your my favorite memory of all. Like the night we first got together on our bench and held each other tightLike the winter we spent together Helping each other and closer then everAnd I remember our special times togetherAnd our walks and our lost time together

It was always you who made the whole time a ball....

Oh Baby; I can’t believe we are Apart,
I wish I am dreaming; if I am dreaming than I guess I am a crazy; how can I breathe? Oh Girl; Please don’t worry. I will be all right; Just stay here for a while, let me recall something one more time; let me hold you in my arms and let me be a pretender of not loosing you….Let us conclude from where we started Now I thank you for the memories…Of those days when I had not a friendOf those great moments when we are together? Of those seconds prior to your reasonablenessOf the great dimple when you smile.t was you who called me just to hear my voice there’s a million good timesI could dwell on But baby you are my favorite memory of allAnd you'll always be my favorite memory. I am thankful to the greatestMoments of my life with you.Here I am again; in my search for Freedom & Peace of Mind,

In order to portray a new life, to obliterate you out of my verve?Thus,
We Left All the Memories Behind………

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