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Monday, December 31, 2007

Mujhay ab yaad mat kerna !

Mujhay ab yaad mat kerna !

Mujhay ab yaad mat kerna... Kabhi bhi yaad mat kerna... Naya jo saal aaey ga... Kai khushiyaa'n bhi laaey ga... In khushiyo'n ko ab barbaad mat kerna.......,
Mujhay ab yaad mat kerna...Kabhi bhi yaad mat kerna...Jo ghar ma'loom ho maira... Mager jab koi poochay to... To tum izhaar mat kerna.....,

Mujhay ab yaad mat kerna... Kabhi bhi yaad mat kerna... Mujhay haa'n yaad kernay say... Ho badawa tairi sauch may... Mujhay ab apni sauch may...Tum shumaar mat kerna... Mujhay ab yaad mat kerna... kabhi bhi yaad mat kerna....!

Jo ab aaye tum khawab main..
Jo tum roz aya karte the, neend churaya karte the,
Main sada ke liyeh ankhen band karlunga...
Mujhay ab yaad mat kerna...kabhi bhi yaad mat kerna....!

ConfEssiOn of A BrokEn hEArT.........

"ConfEssiOn of A BrokEn hEArT"

My heart...... my heart is broken and its all because of you.... my heart cant be put back together with some glue,
my heart is full of pain and u dont even care.... my heart really needs you but your not even there,
my heart now as an empty heart needs u to fill that place,,,,
my heart feels the friendship will never be heart wants you to still keep me safe,
my heart knew this friendship would grow into something heart knew you were going to shut that door,
my heart told me to let you know how i really heart told me if he lets go then its not actually real,,,,
my heart never told me if i told you i would loose a heart never told me my world would come to an end,
my heart thought you wouldn, t walk out for heart thought u would of understood,
my heart now misses all fun we have had heart now wishes we should of stayed friends forever,
my heart just had to give in and put up with the fact that you are heart has let you win and made me realise that i was wrong all is about the "Confession of a broken heart"....

I dont knw why i love to see you cry....

I dont knw why i love to see you cry....
I don't think you will,ever fully you've touched my life,and made me who I am.But I dont knw why i love to see you cry.. I don't think you could ever know,,,just how truly special you are...that even on the darkest nights,,,,you are my brightest star....
But I dont knw why i love to see you cry.... I don't think you will ever fully comprehend,,how you've made my dreams come true,or how you've opened my love and the wonders it can do...

But I dont knw why i love to see you cry.. You've allowed me to experience...something very hard to find,unconditional love that exists,in my body, soul, and mind....But I dont knw why i love to see you cry.. I don't think you could ever feel,all the love I have to give..and I'm sure you'll never realize,you've been my will to live,,,,,,

ut I dont knw why i love to see you cry.. You are an amazing person,and without you I don't know where I'd be....Having you in my life,completes and fulfills every part of me......
But I dont knw why i love to see you cry..

Oh My complicated Heart ?

"A Complicated Heart"
Oh My complicated Heart; How do you do when she is away from you and everything so cold to you? What is it that keeps you all warm?
Oh My complicated Heart tell me; How do you survive when she seems lost andnever will return? What is it that keeps you alive?
Oh My complicated Heart answer me; How do you forgive when she gives you wounds are not all the way healed? What is it that makes you forget?
Oh My complicated Heart please realize; How do you feel when you miss her like the way she used to do Dont you think it was a just a lie? What is the reason that you still miss her ?
Oh My complicated Heart please listen; How do you think when your voice was her breathing now all the memories & promises are lost ? What is it that you were always so aware?
Oh My complicated Heart help me; How do you cry when everything rips apartand around you its all dark? What is it that you're so calm?
Oh My complicated Heart think; How do you thank her if she contacts meanwhile to check u aliveis that something confussion or a game? What is it that you're so thankful no matter what?
Oh My complicated Heart recall it; How do you remember when its been long ago that you've almost lost everything?
What is it that keeps all those memories inside?
Oh My complicated Heart please find; How do you choose when out of a hundred you only need one, when you stand on a 4-way stop and you choose your path? What is it that helps you decide?
Oh My complicated Heart please hear.......How do you answer when you are asked so many questions and the answer is nowhere to be found? What is it that talk without words?

Oh My complicated calm & quite, was a dream, a romantic assasination for a while,to take your sleep away, to make you happy for a ray, in a sweet & innocent way...But mean it you are alone , all alone in your dark room....have to live with it......there is no way... but i"ll still ask her how to handle you Oh My complicated Heart.......

Saturday, December 29, 2007

A Letter to a Lost Friend...........

A Letter to a Lost Friend
We shared our joys and sorrows We'd laugh and sometimes cryDoes pain lie in our tomorrows? Was our friendship just a lie?
You used to give me the sunshineYour smile brightened my dayNow I find you don't have the time, So why do I bother to stay?
My tears are like raindropsWe shouldn't have to cry anymoreSomewhere the crying stops, If happy days were here like before.
Your dreams seem too importantThan having me aroundYou want me to always smile, And wear the fake face of a clown.....

I cherished the beautiful times we had And the dreams we once did shareYou gave them all up and I got sad-To think you now don't care.
How can you say you need me, When each day you are saying good-bye? You don't realize, but I know it, So why do you bother to lie?
I held on so tight; I smothered you with my tears.But I found out the other night, I'm wasting a lot of years.
You know I still love you; The love of a friend never dies.I cannot say I hate you, Or I would be telling a lie....

Why do we make these mistakes? How many tears does it take? Don't you know it takes two; For a friendship to stay new?
I'm willing to give you a chance, If it's worth the try.I'm sorry if I cannot be what you want...For I truly do not want to be shy.
Say you'll take me as I am, For all the good and bad...For without you near, Eternally I'll be so sad....

These line are enough to recall your lost memories,these lines are like a mirror for me..may be they are reall!

Bath Me In Your Tears..........

Bath Me In Your Tears
No greater comfort can be found, then tears of love and caring.When the love of another, does rise from ones heat, and overflow in tears, know ye well, that greater love,does not exist.
Bath me in your tears, oh pure and snow white dove, and you will shower me, with goodness hope and love. Bath me in your tears, my lifes an angry sea. Bath me in your tears, bring tranquility to me....

Bath me in you tears, and wash away my fear.Hold me close my love, that I might know you care. Bath me in your tears, and mend my lonely heart.Kiss me, love me...tell me... we shall never part. Bath me in your tears, a heavens mist of dew, that I might see the light, with help from only you. And when my life is over, and I am put to rest, I'll take your tears of love and joy...for they're the very best.

After you leave, I will become a tree..........

After you leave, I will become a tree..

After you leave, I will become a tree Alone on a hillside,

loving wind and sun,Waiting for you to return home to me,

Though centuries of lonely stars may run. I'll grow tall and give lots of shade,

Sheltering birds and other bright-eyed things.

Pleased with all the progress that I've made,

I'll spread my leafy branches out like wings.
But oh! Every moment of every dayI'll miss you with the passion of the wind,

Gazing endlessly upon the wayThat without you must empty, empty wind.

Your eyes won't let my thoughts go back to sleep,

The days I spent with you are like a tapeI play,

rewind, play, rewind, and play.Whenever I remember something new.....
First love is like playing with fire:Aglow with pain and glory,

Tell me, my dear first love,Whether I'm burned into your heart.....
After you leave, I will become a tree Alone on a hillside no matter who i am to you,

the latter wil remind.........

Before we say good-bye....

Before we say good-bye. . .
I need to hear your voice, before we say goodbye.
I need to feel the touch of your hand on my face,before we say good bye.
I need you to look into my eyes and you too before we say goodbye....
I need you to hold me close in you safe embrace, before we say goodbye....
The Truth is I can come up with so many morereasons for you to stay a little longer.
So stand by me one more time....before you say goodbye,
I love your laughter, And how it makes me smile....
You won't be here tomorrow,It's only for awhile.........
I cherish the way you look,When something makes you glad,
Knowing we'll soon part, Really makes me sad,so think before we say goodbye;
I pray that each moment will last forever, I memorize it all,
Hoping you won't forget me, As teardrops start to fall,
I hold on to my dreams,Of those that we plan,
so cry again one more time..before we say goodbye.......

I am alone in the dark...........

I am alone in the dark room...

With only one candle awake.... There are bars on the window...
I hear vocies say to me 'you will always be "unwanted".........So I sit alone trying to break free.But each time I do I wind up back in the same place.....

I am alone in the dark..Gave u enough time, but "You" never came back,u made a mistake, no matter what...So I cut my wrist with a blade. As I do I watch the blood run off to the floor creating a puddle.
I am growing weak so weak that I am as white as a I am lying on the floor shaking and bleeding till,I close my eyes and never awake for now I am dead. Don't cry for I wanted to do this. why worry about it.

Now walk with the moments we had....let me walk with moments we get,nothing will disturb us forever,i am happy with this dark,left the bright world for your eyes...I am alone in the dark...........

If a child learns............

If a child lives with criticism, he learns to condemn.

If a child lives with hostility, he learns to fight.

If a child lives with ridicule, he learns to be shy.

If a child lives with shame, he learns to feel guilty.

If a child lives with tolerance, he learns to be patient.

If a child lives with encouragement, he learns confidence.

If a child lives with praise, he learns to appreciate.

If a child lives with fairness, he learns justice.

If a child lives with security, he learns to have faith.

If a child lives with approval, he learns to like himself.

If a child lives with acceptance and friendship, He learns to find love in the world.

Let the Child live in freedom...then only a Child can become a wise Man...

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Hamain koi gham nhi tha gham-e-aashqi se pehle................!

Hamain koi gham nhi tha gham-e-aashqi se pehle

................!Hamain koi gham nhi tha gham-e-aashqi se thi dushmani ksi se teri dosti se pehle....hai ye meri badnaseebi tera kya qusur is main....tere gham ne maar dala muje zindagi se pehle.......,,,,,

mera pyar jal raha hai aye chand aaj chup ja.....ksi pyar tha hamain bhi teri chandni se pehle........,,,,main kabhi na muskurata jo muje ye maloom hota,,,,k hazaron gham milain ge mujhe ek khushi se pehle...,,,

"ye ajeeb imtihaan hai k tumhi ko bhoolna hai"....................................,mily kab the is tarha hum tumhain be-dili se pehle...! Hamain koi gham nhi tha gham-e-aashqi se pehle

Itna roya hoon k aab ankh mein pani bhi nahi.......

Itna roya hoon k aab ankh mein pani bhi nahi...,

Mujhko yeh baat magar uss ko batani bhi nahi....,Sirf aankhain jo ban jayein to ye bhi hi bohat.............,Pori tasveer mujhay uss ki banani bhi nahi

Zindagi ab ek zidd pe agayee hai meri....,Tujh se dosti rakhni bhi hai or tujh se nibhani bhi nahi...,Kaise woh lout aye ke fursat ussey nahi....,Duniya samajh rahi hai mohabbat ussey nahi...,,,Lagta hai aa chuki hai kami uss ki chah mein????????

"Kaafi dino'n se mujh se shikayat ussey nahi".......tehzeeb ke kaano ko jo adat hai sunne ki?,,Uske lafzo main meri tamanna pori karne ki aadat ussey nahi,

Her cheez chupaye dil main rakhta hai woh aur khata hai jane kyon mujhe uski baton pe yakeen ab nahi....

Itna royi hoon k aab ankh mein pani bhi nahi.